Exhibit curated by Jing Xiao

You're at a gathering, armed with what you think is a killer story. As you dive into the tale, you notice your friends' eyes glazing over. Ouch. Is it the story, or is it your storytelling? Enter the world of "story structure diagrams", where we transform mundane monologues into captivating chronicles. Your journey to becoming the storyteller you were meant to be begins here. You might think, "Can a diagram really help me tell stories better?" Sure, you're no Shakespeare, but there's nothing to lose except a few yawns.

(1. Ordinary World -> 2. Call to Adventure: -> 3. Refusal of the Call)

( Notes: The 13 steps in this introduction are following a  classic story structure diagram - "The Hero's Journey".)

Each flip card here is a mentor—from Syd Field to Joseph Campbell—ready to share their storytelling secrets, wrapped in the iconic scenes of movies we all love. You click on "The Shawshank Redemption". You're dissecting a narrative masterpiece, crossing the threshold from passive observer to active explorer. You'll wrangle with Freytag’s Pyramid, dance with Dan Harmon’s Story Circle, and maybe have a minor squabble with McKee’s Story Triangle. Dig into what makes a story great.

(4. Meeting with the Mentor->5. Crossing the Threshold->6. Tests, Allies, Enemies->7.Approach to the Inmost Cave)

Face it—your old storytelling self is being challenged. But fear not, for from the ashes of your past narrative flops, a storytelling phoenix is about to rise. It's time to head back to reality, but with a treasure trove of storytelling gold. Your next social gathering? You're ready to shine.

(8. The Ordeal->9. Seizing the Sword->10. The Road Back)

This is it—the kicker. As you explore these diagrams, you realize you're on a "Hero's Journey" yourself. Your storytelling skills are the hero, and these diagrams are your mentors. By now, you might've realized something - this introduction has followed a classic story map - "The Hero's Journey". Yes, the very structure you're mastering has been guiding you through this introduction.

Click the flip card below to unravel each story’s secret, use 'Back to Exhibition' to navigate, and 'See the Next Diagram' to continue your quest. Your storytelling journey awaits!

(11. Resurrection->12. Return with the Elixir->13. Embark on Your Journey)